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Improved Growth & Reduction of Weeds • Water Preservation


Water Management


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Cost Savings

Every dollar counts, there is no money wasted.

The layout of our installs are specific to each property. Every system is design to have head to head spraying patterns. This means no overlapping zones or large areas getting missed. Every head is strategically placed to spray the entire lawn equally. The materials we use are the best of the best and are built to last. We dont waste your money on unreliable products or poor layouts. 

Time Management

Our automatic Irrigation system will save you plenty of time.

Rather than standing out with a hose trying to guess how much water you should use on your lawns, gardens, or flower beds; you can trust that our system will do your job for you correctly and efficiently. 

No need to worry about your lawn or flowers while on holiday or vacation, your controller will be set to keep your property in tip top shape without you there. 

Improved Growth & Fewer Weeds

Smaller amounts of water over longer periods of time.

By utilizing our technicians knowledge, you will notice a significant decrease in the amount of weeds due to the efficient use of water. RainMaster systems are designed to have equal coverage across all lawn areas. Say goodbye to dry or weedy grass!

Water Preservation

Use only water that is needed.

There are a few key products that increase water preservation. First, by using a rain sensor your system will be turned off when ample amounts of rain have fallen. Second, the hydrawise controller. This is one of the best ways to save water. The controller connects to local weather stations to increase/decrease water based on the current/predicted weather conditions. By nozzling and adjusting sprinkler heads correctly there will be no double coverage of lawn areas. This preserves water and ensures all areas are being covered equally. Lastly, we set controllers to run based on weather conditions. Our technicians are highly knowledgable and can set your controller to run efficently.


Our system layout/design allows for proper coverage by having a head to head spraying pattern. We install all valve boxes in landscaping beds and out of the grass areas. This is both convenient for the customer and us for various reasons. Flowering beds and gardens can be placed on separate zones utilizing spray heads or drip piping. High tech controllers and rain sensors are installed on every new system. 

Every step we take from planning to install is saving you time, money, and water. 

We rethought irrigation from the ground-up

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